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    Carbon Design System

    The Carbon Design System is the open-source libraries, guidelines, and resources for developing content at IBM.

    As a developer on the Carbon team, I make tools that allow developers to create accessible, performant, and reliable products that adhere to IBM's design language.

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    IBM Plex

    IBM Plex is the open-source typeface superfamily designed and developed by Mike Abbink at IBM in collaboration with Bold Monday

    Maintaining Plex involves consulting on web font best practices, adding new languages (like IBM Plex Sans KR), and implementing new features—for example, the variable version of Plex that powers this site.

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    Strength Warehouse

    The Strength Warehouse was an opportunity to support local small businesses in Austin while experimenting with the Next.js React framework.

    Using an iterative, agency-style development process, a totally custom design system was created to accommodate the requirements and tastes of the client.